Johnathan Kell - Shoegaze ART

Visual artist for The Absence Under Red Dawn

Steal and Destroy


Steal and Destroy and CD LP

Coming soon Exhibition and CD release

1 Steal and Destroy 02:56
Songwriter: Johnathan Kell
2 Dawn dies for us 04:15
Artist: Dallia M.
Songwriters: Alba Neri, Dallia M., Johnathan Kell
3 Rushing to my veins 05:42
Artist: Gregory Charpenay
Songwriter: Johnathan Kell
4 Nuit sans fin 03:32
Artists: Johnathan Kell, Dallia M.
Songwriters: Alba Neri, Dallia M., Johnathan Kell
5 Wreckage 04:21
Artist: Gregory Charpenay
Songwriters: Alba Neri, Tristan Corbière, Gregory Charpenay, Johnathan Kell

All the music composed and arranged by Siegfried Chevignon
Artworks Johnathan Kell
Thanks to Romain Guillet and Horselover Fat

Steal and Destroy Johnathan Kell
Rushing to my veins Gregory Charpenay & Johnathan Kell
Dawn dies for us Dallia M. & Johnathan Kell
Wreckage Grégory Charpenay Johnathan Kell


Dallia M. Singer Dawn dies for us, Nuit sans fin.
Alba Neri Lyricist Wreckage, Nuit sans fin, Dawn dies for us
Gregory Charpenay Singer Rushing to my veins, Wreckage
Johnathan Kell
Johnathan Kell Composer Steal and Destroy, Dawn dies for us, Rushing to my veins, Nuit sans fin, Wreckage, Singer Nuit sans fin
Siegfried Chevignon Artistic director