Johnathan Kell

No Wave

I am Johnathan Kell

I am a man because I do, what I do must surpass myself.

Kell was born at 44, a summer. He did not know if he was still young or old. It’s an old age.

The corpse of the prince-warrior still lay at his feet. Not quite dead, no longer alive.

The fall had been long, a few steps though.

Boum Ba Da Bang ♫ Zang Tumb Tumb ♫

He had become what he loved most in the world …

A noise. Noise and silence.
From point A to point A. Incredible outfits.

Steal and Destroy and CD LP

Coming soon Exhibition and CD release

Paris Galerie Nesle April 9-11, 2021

Johnathan Kell Steal and destroy
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Business Art Fair

Du 09 au 11 avril 2021

Galerie Nesle 8 rue de Nesle 75006 Paris

Contemporary and digital art fair
From 09 to 11 April 2021

Salon d’art contemporain et art numérique